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Flamenco4U Founder Ben Stubbs with guitar outdoors

Hi...I'm Ben Stubbs! I'm the founder of Flamenco4U. As a flamenco guitar instructor, I have three goals for you, the student. First, is for you to learn and understand the fundamentals of the basic flamenco palos (forms) and techniques. Second, is for you to take what you will learn, and apply it (e.g., composing original falsetas and/or accompanying baile and cante). Finally, I want you to share what you will learn with others; in other words, I insist that you pass it on!

Share el duende!

 In addition to teaching, as a composer, I have scored a wide variety of music for various film and TV projects. As a recording artist, I created the sub-genre of Flamenco-Surf-Rock with my release my full-length album "Whirlpool of Sadness," and a single, "I Remember You."

I believe that flamenco music is not only a profound art form and way of life, but also a language that speaks to the heart; it's a language that speaks to our own humanity...a language that any person with a heart can understand...as long as his or her heart is open.

Flamenco4U is founded on the mission to preserve and propagate the flamenco guitar as a patrimony of the Gypsy and Andalusian people who have generously shared the art and language of Flamenco with the rest of the world.

I look forward to having you join us in our community of aficionados.




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