Using Picado in Between Rumba Strumming (Rasgueado) Patterns

Hold on tight to your fretboard right now because we are about to ramp it up! Fair warning: You may find this lesson particularly challenging because it will incorporate three guitar techniques that are actually some of the hardest ones to get the hang of…at least at first try!

For this lesson, you will be using (1) barre chords (cejillas); (2) golpes (finger tapping); and (3) picado (rapid playing finger movements).

All these aforementioned techniques involve the right hand. So, once you get familiar with all the chord shapes, which are as follows: Am, D7, G7, C7, F7, Bb7, Esus4, and E7, you can then begin redirecting your focus to your right-hand playing techniques.



Lesson guide with TABs + standard notation for this lesson

Audio backing/practice tracks

SoundSlice interactive TABs

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