How to Play "Entre Dos Aguas," by Paco de Lucía (Lesson #1) | Rhythm Guitar Tutorial

Recently, I received a request from one of my Oro-Tier Patrons for the rumba flamenca classic, “Entre Dos Aguas,” by Paco de Lucía; and I’ll have to admit that I’ve been wanting to do a video lesson on this particular song for a long time! …

So what better time than now?

Paco’s sister said in an interview for the documentary, “Light and Shade,” that when Paco recorded “Entre Dos Aguas,” it “just went BOOM!”

…And today, this amazingly performed song by Paco is still going BOOM! I’ve decided to break up this lesson into a series of digestible video tutorials, so that we can cover the two rhythm guitar parts and the lead guitar parts.

In this first episode, I go over, in as much detail possible (in less than 15 minutes) how to hold the chords and hold the rhythm as well.

I hope you enjoy this lesson! Now go and pick up your guitar! ¡Vamonos! Here's the link to the finger nail shaping video I refered to:



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