How to Play "Danza Mora" (Lesson #3) for the Flamenco Guitar | Octaves & Fingerstyle Bass Notes

If by chance you are a finger-style guitar player, or have had some experience with finger-style guitar playing, then lesson # 3 for “Danza Mora” will be right up your alley!

You will be using octaves between the first and fourth strings for your melody while accompanying that melody with some running eight-notes on the bass strings.

(For an introduction to the most effective use of octaves, please watch these two videos:

Octaves Video #1

Octaves Video #2

Towards the end of the section, you will repeat some rapid legado movements between fingers one and four while striking those--somewhat haunting--arabesque bass notes.

I want you to pay particularly close attention to the aforementioned legado by holding tightly to the first fret before finally letting go to the open position, and make sure to use a metronome while you practice this section! I know you’ll really enjoy this one!

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