Finger Interchange Scale

This tutorial is the second installment of the "Fretboard Familiarity" series! Thanks for following along so far!
...I hope your hand isn't cramping too much 😉!
Anyhow, the benefit of this exercise is to improve your coordination between you index and middle right-hand playing fingers while alternating.
Notice that the right hand fingers are not indicated on the standard notation; this is because I want you to try these exercises with your right-hand alternation starting with the index first when doing apoyado (rest stroke).
Keep in mind that the natural right-hand playing fingers for this exercise should start with the middle finger (try it, you'll see why). The unnatural position would be to start the exercise with the index finger (try THAT, and you'll see why it feels very unnatural).

Get the TABs HERE.

Get the TABs, backing tracks, & GP downloads HERE.

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