How to Use a Proper Thumb Technique for the Flamenco Guitar in the Compás of Soleares

In this lesson, I want to show you a very popular falseta for the compás of Soleares; it’s a rather basic falseta—that is, “basic” to the extent that its a falseta that most flamenco guitar players learn when they are first learning Soleares; it’s also basic in the sense that its a bit of a stock falseta, but the truth about this falseta is that it is a very good exercise for the thumb—including rapid movement and alzapua.

…But, we are we are going to attempt to make this falseta sound less basic by adding some nuances like rasqueado just before the first beat. We’ll also ad a accented golpe on the 3rd and 6th beast to really emphasize the rhythm. Enjoy!

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