How to Play Rumba on the Flamenco Guitar w/ Ben Stubbs (2021)

I've made a lot of different videos on the Rumba over the years. The most popular video by far has been the very first video tutorial I ever made, which was titled, "How to Play Rumba on the Flamenco Guitar."

Since then, I've wanted to go a bit more in-depth on the mechanics involved for the right hand. I also wanted to give you, the student, more visual aids to go along with the lesson.

I hope this revised lesson on how to play the rumba is helpful in explaining the fundamental movements of this particular compás. Enoy!

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  • Fun lesson. I can’t wait to work it up. Must be patient. Would it be wise to plant the thumb on the A string just before beat 1 and on the E string just before the and of 2 while I have the metronome at slower speeds. It feels much more stable to do so especially when trying to do the golpe. If my thumb is up in the air when trying to play the Am and golpe I always strike the open E also.


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