Changing Chords E to B7 on the Flamenco Guitar

We are continuing our series of chord-change videos. These chord changes, which we will be exploring in-depth together, are some of the most common and most indispensable chords for the flamenco guitar. As you continue exploring the flamenco guitar, you will discover just how frequently these chords will pop up.

...So I want to expose you to these chords ASAP!

...You'll thank me later 😉

But, you know what?

...I’ll have to admit...

I feel just a little guilty because I’ve told you that I am going to teach you how to change chords between E major and B7 in the description.

...Well…that wasn’t the most accurate description, as you will be actually learning how to change chords between E and B7add11/Gb.

…But don’t fret (pun intended), because playing B7add11/Gb is considerably easier than playing B7; and it sounds better too! I hope you enjoy this lesson.

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  • Watching the video made me realize how much practice I need on changing cords. Very helpful.

    Laurie Cunningham
  • Hey Ernest! Thanks for stopping by! Glad you got something good out of this one ;)

  • Great information


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