Andalusian Cadence

When learning flamenco guitar, the Andalusian cadence is the starting point, regardless of the palo (syle) that you start with. Whether if you're learning tientos, siguiriyas, or soleares (don't worry if you haven't heard of some of these yet), you are in fact learning the Andalusian cadence!
...But here's the tricky thing: each palo has it's own particular kind of compás (rhythm), and it can be difficult to learn both the chord changes and the rhythm at the same time. If you've listened to flamenco music, you may have noticed that the time signatures can sound unlike any others; that's because most of us are used to listening to music in 4/4 time--you know, 1 -2 - 3 - 4...
So, in these four exercises, I will show you how to make these chord changes, and how to use different, and ver cool-sounding rasgueados in 4/4 time!

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