How to Play a Beautiful Solo for Rumba (or Flamenco Palo) in A minor! | Flamenco Guitar Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to learn a beautiful-sounding falseta (riff) on the guitar that has that signature Spanish or Flamenco sound? Well, in this lesson I’ll show you how to play a falseta in A minor that you’ll not only enjoy playing, but will have others captivated as they listen to you!

I like to play use this falseta at the beginning of a rumba in A minor, but practically speaking, you can use this falseta for any palo (song form) in the flamenco repertoire, just so long as it’s in the key of A minor.

If you have a friend playing along with you, then this falseta will sound even more amazing if he or she is playing a series of repeating rasgueados in Am, G, F7, and E(b9) while you play the solo. Enjoy!


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