How to Do Golpe and Rasgueo at the Same Time (Soleá) | Beginner Flamenco Guitar Lesson

Learning how to perform a golpe (tap) on the flamenco guitar is one of the tricker techniques when first trying it. A lot of people have trouble doing a golpe at the same time they strum the strings with another finger. In this flamenco guitar tutorial, I will show you how to tackle this seemingly tricky technique!

There are four exercises where you will have the chance to get a lot of practice performing golpes while strumming. The first exercise will introduce you to the basic movement of the anular finger (ring) tapping on the golpeador (tap plate) while moving the index finger up and down in 4/4 time--by the way I hope you already have a golpeador adhered to the face of your guitar, or else you will get a "Willy Nelson hole" in your beautiful guitar.

The second exercise introduces you to the 12-beat timing that you hear so much in flamenco music; this time signature is what makes flamenco music so unique. After you tackle exercise number two, you will be well on your way to becoming a real flamenco aficionado!

Exercise number three incorporates a hammer-on with the third fretting finger; and this is precisely why we hold the A major (la mayor) chord with first and second finger only, rather than the textbook way (i.e., with fingers 1, 2, & no no🙅🏽‍♂️).

Now, exercise number four is where the wagon wheels hit the gravel! You will put everything together to play this 12-beat time to play the compás of Soleá in its complete rhythm form by combining a three finger asqueado (a-m-i-i).