"Entre Dos Aguas" | Strumming Pattern Techniques (Beginner Flamenco Guitar Lesson)

If you've ever tried to play the rumba on the flamenco guitar, you've probably realized that no matter how you choose to play the rhythm, there's a particular pattern that repeats itself every bar. Through your own experience, you may have found that your playing sounds dry and repetitive, which can be quite frustrating. No matter how well you play the rhythm, it just lacks variation and excitement! So, what are you supposed to do? How can you spice up your sound?

Well, here's the secret sauce...

You see, there is a certain order and structure to each specific rhythm technique, unique to each rumba strumming pattern. The key to avoiding repetition is to learn multiple rumba rhythmic patterns and master them so well that you can effortlessly switch between them at a moment's notice.

In this video tutorial, I'll show you four different rumba rhythmic patterns that you can seamlessly integrate into "Entre dos Aguas," by Paco de Lucia. Enjoy the rhythmic journey!

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