Changing Chords Fast on a $4 Guitar: Is It Possible?

Hey there!

Well, you might be wondering what the heck kind of guitar that is that I'm holding!

Yes, it is kind of a Frankenstein creation! It's spray painted black!

...It's got a teardrop-shape golpeador (tap plate) with a St. Benedict image on it.

...It's got a set of those cheap strings that have the pipe cleaners wrapped around the bullets.

...It's got a modified popsicle stick in place of the hueso on the string saddle.

...And yes, the A string buzzes like a honey bee!

You see, I had a little guitar mishap while traveling. I'm in Guadalajara, Mexico for the summer visiting my family, and I was in desperate need of a guitar.

...So, here it is! A $4 guitar from the tianguis (Mexican swap meet).

Desperate times call for desperate measures, LOL!

In this lesson, I will show you how to properly change chords between D7/F# and G.

…To be honest, the D7/F# chord is actually more like a a D9/F#b because we are playing an open E note on the first string.

The previous Flamenco4U tutorials on chord changes have been in 3/4 time in the compás of Tangillos, but this time we will be playing the compás of Garrotín! Enjoy!

Warm regards,