How to Get a Full Sound Using Barre Chords Playing Rumba

As we continue our lessons on the rumba flamenca in A minor, we have now come to a section where we are doing something really interesting and fun with the rhythm! You’ve seen in previous lessons how to play the Andalusian cadence in A minor using barre chords (cejilla); in this section we will interject new barre chords between each of the Am, Gmaj, and Fmaj chords—you’ll see what chords those are in the lesson guide and the video.

We will also employ a lot of rasgueado work with the right-hand playing fingers in between each of the chord changes. This lesson may seem challenging at first, but just like with every new falseta you learn, start out slow, pay close attention to the lesson guide, and stick with it! Once you’ve memorized the chords shapes and the right-hand patterns, then begin using a metronome at a slow tempo and build up.


Lesson guide with TABs + standard notation for this lesson

Audio backing/practice tracks

SoundSlice interactive TABs

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  • Hi – taking ages with this one and still struggling – the D7 strumming – even following your detailed instructions it still doesn’t sound like your demonstration take – I will continue to practise in the hope that I might get there with more speed but it still seems that the last couple of notes in that sequence are more of an after thought than played.
    Apologies that my description is not clearer – best wishes Chris

    Christopher Horodyski
  • Hi – I am a bronze member but unlike earlier lessons I find that I am unable to access the tabs for this lesson. Do I have to pay extra for the tabs in this lesson?
    Best wishes ~ Chris

    Chris Horodyski

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