How to Play "Entre Dos Aguas," by Paco de Lucía (Lesson #7) || Flamenco Guitar Tutorial

In Lesson Number Seven of our series on how to play "Entre Dos Aguas," by Paco De Lucía, the jazz influence of the song begins to emerge. This jazziness, or even bluesiness, is introduced through the incorporation of a pentatonic scale into the second half of the song, which is in E minor.

It's amazing that a young flamenco guitarist from the economically disadvantaged (at the time) fishing town of Algeciras would rise to prominence as such a versatile musician. This second part of the song demonstrates how Paco's style and musical interests were expanding beyond the traditional boundaries of Andalusian music.

Although Paco continued to broaden his musical horizons after the release of this hit song, he never strayed from his cultural roots. Regardless of his experimentation, every composition originated from flamenco, and it remained evident that flamenco formed the very foundation of all his works.

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  • Hi. Interested in flamenco guitar. I have some experience with open chords and a few bar chords. Bit definitely a beginner. I own a cordoba nylon string

    Billy williams

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