Easy Rumba Flamenca Falseta for the Flamenco Guitar

In this lesson I will show you an easy falseta to be incorporated into the rumba for the flamenco guitar! You will be using your thumb (pulgar) for most of the notes in this falseta. You will notice that we will be adding some glopes here and there with the ring (anular) finger while  striking notes with the pulgar; this is meant to give some figurative “meat” to your accents. Additionally, you will be learning how to execute a new, and quite powerful-sounding, golpe using your middle (medio) finger!

Make sure to download your TABs and standard notation immediately so you can follow along with this lesson note-for-note; and also make sure to download my backing tracks to this lesson. Practicing with a metronome is great, but practicing with your backing tracks is even better because it makes practice sessions more fun and beneficial to you sense of timing! Enjoy!

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P.S. Oh yes, you will also notice that the backing tracks are in the key of F# because this piece sounds best with a cejilla (capo) placed on the 2nd fret. 😉


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